Tall Timbers Taxidermy

Pricing Schedule

 Animal Shoulder Life Size
 Deer $585$2000
 Mule Deer $585$2000
 Elk $1200$3500
 Antelope $750$2000
 Caribou $650$4000
 Buffalo $2000$6500
 Ram $750$2200
 Black Bear under 48 inches $450$1200
 Black Bear 49 to 55 inches $450$1500
 Black Bear 56 - 65 inches $450$2000
 Fox $375$850
 Coyote $375$1200
 Bobcat $375$1100
 Raccoon $375$650
 Squirrel (sitting) $250
 Squirrel (climbing) $250
 Boar $500 and up$1500
 Beaver $1000
 Open MouthAdd $300 

Flying $800
 Strutting $800
 Gobbling $800
 Fan, Beard, Spurs $125
 Fan, Beard, Wings, Spurs $300
 Duck $325
 Goose $500
 Pheasant $325
 Deer Rug$135 and up
 Deer Antler Mount$175
 Deer Skull$125
 Bear Skull$85-$100
 Panel for Skulls$100
 $25.00 per inch$175 min  
 ReproductionsCall for price  

Note: All pricing is for animal only.  All habitat is extra.
Terms of Payment
All prices are subject to change without notice.  A deposit is required at the time of drop off.  Your mount will not be started until half of the total price has been paid.  Payment plans are available.
Tall Timbers Taxidermy is not responsible for damage to animal while in their possession.  When your mount is complete, you will be notified and have 30 days to arrange for pick up and payment in full of any outstanding balance.  A fee of $10 per day will be added to the total cost for mounts that are not picked up or outstanding balances that are not paid after notification of completion.
Prices do not include 7.25% Ohio state sales tax.  All game must be properly tagged when dropped off.  Call for prices on anything not listed above.
Please allow a minimum of one year to receive your mount.